Lowongan Kerja ConocoPhillips

Posisi : Internship for Secretarial/Administration Graduates
Lokasi Kerja : Jakarta

ConocoPhillips memberikan persyaratan, ketentuan dan spesifikasi pekerjaan sebagai Internship for Secretarial/Administration Graduates yang akan ditempatkan di Jakarta. Dibawah ini rincian lengkap persyaratan, spesifikasi lowongan pekerjaan, jadwal wawancara dan alamat serta kontak (email / nomor telepon) perusahaan pembuka Lowongan. Semoga Anda segera mendapatkan karir impian Anda….!



As part of realization of its commitments to develop Indonesian national workforce, Indonesia (COPI) provides opportunities for students of tertiary educational institutions Indonesia to carry out Practical Work and Research Program.

Internship Program is a pre-career development program with no condition of pre-employment to accommodate recent graduate of Diploma (D3/D4) Degree and above (S1, S2, S3) which designed to give participants 1 to 3 months of real working experience. This program separate from the Petrotech/Business/Operation Apprenticeship.

Task Assignment in Supply Chain Management Department:

  • Project to create reading panel on Standing Procurement Committee portal

  • Assisting in Procurement Counter daily activities

  • Assisting in sorting Performance Bonds/Bid Bonds Docs

  • Adjusting Purchase Order/Service Order activities



  • Fresh graduates of Secretarial or Administration Diploma Degree (maximum 6 months period from graduation/thesis defense date).
  • Majoring in Secretarial or Administration Diploma, with minimum GPA 3.0 of 4.00 or 77,5 of 100; however background must be aligned with ’ business needs.
  • Graduated from university with an A accreditation (domestic) or listed in Top 100 world rank universities (international) is preferable.
  • Fluent in English (oral and writing).
  • Proficient with computer system/Windows application.

Note: Attach your CV and latest academic transcript in pdf or Microsoft word format not more than 100 kilobyte.

Company has the rights to assess and select internship applications based on the requirements, availability of coach and office facilities, relevancy, and other considerations

is an equal employment opportunity.

Untuk Informasi pendaftaran secara online dan keterangan lebih lengkap, silakan membuka laman pada tautan :